Benefits Of Engine Remapping

Engine Remapping is a cost-effective way to get the full potential out of your car, reformatting the dealership’s factory settings and re-designing them with better software. 

 If you’re looking for a way to reach your car’s full capabilities, keep reading, because we’ll give you all the information we have on engine remapping.

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What Is Engine Remapping?

Engine Remapping overwrites the manufacturer’s factory settings, allowing your car to perform at its highest potential. Engine Remapping is only allowed to be undertaken by a professional since fiddling with your car’s engine yourself can be dangerous. 

When you get your engine remapped, you’re fully optimising your car’s performance, allowing it to exceed its potential. Even slight modifications can make a huge difference to the driving experience you’re going to have.

Sometimes, you’re also able to add physical changes when getting your engine remapped, these include spoilers and coilovers! This is a great process if you’re looking for a way to get the highest potential out of your vehicle. 

Engine remapping is also sometimes called ‘Chipping’. It’s not dangerous to the engine though it does put more strain on it. It also won’t affect the lifespan of the engine, this is assuming it’s been undertaken by an experienced technician at a garage.

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Benefits Of Engine Remapping

There are so many great benefits to engine remapping. There might be a few reasons you’d want to get engine remapping done to your car and with endless benefits, we can’t blame you! Just make sure you get it done by a professional.

Some of the great benefits include:

  • Fuel – Engine remapping can improve fuel injection.
  • Airflow – With engine remapping, you can improve the airflow in your car.
  • Sensors – You’ll also be able to improve your car’s sensors.
  • Power – You’ll gain plenty of power when you choose to remap your car.
  • MPG – Your MPG will improve with this service.
  • Throttle – You’ll have a better throttle response with the remapping service.
  • Drive – When you remap your car, you’ll experience a smoother drive.

It’s key to remember that even with a professional undertaking this process, you need to stick to the legal limitations. Of course, remapping is completely legal and a choice taken by SO many people, but don’t just play around with your engine.

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The Ins and Outs

Engine remapping is a process in which code is added to the car’s software, re-writing the way it works, but what doesn’t it do?

When you choose to have your engine remapped, nothing will be removed from your car. The entire process is contactless and completely diagnostic. The technician will access the ECU via the OBD (Onboard Diagnostic Port) placed within a meter of the driving seat.

However, on occasion, the ECU might need to be removed depending on the model of your car and when it was made. The newer the model, the more likely it is the ECU will need to be removed to complete this process.

Depending on what you want to add and the process you’re aiming to have done, this entire process should take less than an hour in total to complete. If you need your ECU removed, this process will likely take over an hour. 

It’s also important to note not all cars can be remapped. Engine remapping is only available for newer and more modern models of cars since the software is up-to-date. The extent of the remapping on your car, no matter the model and age, depends on where you have this service done.

That’s it! That’s everything we have for you on engine remapping. Don’t forget, we offer this service, so if you’re curious or you’re set on having this done, be sure to enquire!

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