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Three Tips For Choosing An MOT Garage

Here at SN Autohaus we try to provide the widest possible range of services to our clients, all at prices that will make you wonder why you ever went to the dealership to have your vehicle serviced in the first place. We also offer MOT services for those who are looking to get their cars tested and are able to provide some of the fastest and most reliable technicians in London. If you’re looking for an MOT garage and don’t...

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Things That Should Tip You Off About Choosing A Bad Mechanic

While the team at SN Autohaus are anything but bad mechanics, as they have the technical skills and experience to help you with practically any issue that your car may suffer from, they also understand that people occasionally approach mechanics with a degree of trepidation, especially if they don’t know much about cars, and may end up choosing somebody who is not going to be able to get the job done well.Here we look at some of the warning signs...

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Tips For Talking to Your Mechanic

If you need to bring your car in for a service or you believe that there is an issue with the vehicle that needs to be remedied, it helps to be able to talk to your mechanic properly in order to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible, so that it can be fixed and you can get back out on the road. Unfortunately, the team at SN Autohaus have found that many people are a...

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10% Off Every Service At SN Autohaus in April

SN Autohaus is dedicated to providing the highest quality servicing for German vehicles in London and our team of technicians work hard to provide you with a dealership-quality service at an affordable price. So when we announce that we are going to make our services even more affordable, you know it is really something to get excited about. Throughout the entire month of April, the team at SN Autohaus will be offering an astonishing 10% off every vehicle service we...

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The Five Biggest Mistakes That People Make When Choosing A Mechanic

Hiring a person to work on your vehicle is often a much more difficult process than it really should be. You need to make sure that the company you use is fully qualified and will protect your vehicle at all times before you trust them to work on it.Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when searching for a car workshop in London to do the work, so make sure that you keep all of the following in mind so that you...

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Questions To Ask The Mechanic At Your Car Repair Garage in London

Choosing the right mechanic or garage owner to work on your vehicle isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you have never worked with a mechanic before and aren’t completely sure about what you are looking for from the service. Never allow yourself to feel pressured into letting somebody work on your car without first understanding the level of service that they offer. To help you along, consider asking all of the following questions so that you can gauge how...

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Traits A Good Mechanic Must Have

When you take your vehicle to a garage to be serviced you will want to be sure that the mechanic who is working on your car is capable of doing the job. While you should always ask questions about their prior experience and take note of any certifications that they have, it is also a good idea to look out for the following traits that are common amongst all great mechanics. Informative A good mechanic will recognize that most of...

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Which Car Workshop in London is Right For You?

Searching for the right car workshop in London can be difficult, as you need to find a company that you can trust to take care of your vehicle in the same way that you would, while also being able to offer the level of service that you would expect. If you're unsure about who to go with from a variety of car workshops in London, the following tips should help make your decision a little bit easier. The Staff Take...

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What You Should Expect From an MOT Testing Station

When you are looking to book an MOT, the first thing you should do is find a reputable garage that is able to carry out the work to the standard required by the UK government. Any garage that carries out MOTs needs to meet a certain set of qualifications before they are allowed to do so. Thus, keeping an eye out for those that meet these criteria will ensure that you get quality workmanship. With that in mind, all of...

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Booking A Mercedes Service in Ilford

Mercedes have built a reputation for creating prestige vehicles that their owner's can feel great pride in driving. The quality German engineering that goes into each one allows for performance levels that exceed many other vehicles, but it is also important to remember that the car must be checked on a regular basis in order to continuing supplying this level of performance as it ages. Booking a Mercedes service in Ilford can often be a hassle, particularly if you don't...

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