Getting a German Car Service at SN Autohaus

Here at SN Autohaus we pride ourselves on being able to offer the same level of service as dealerships, at just a fraction of the cost. In fact, we would go so far as to claim that we offer a superior level of service. Not only will we ensure that your car gets the care that it needs during its time with us, but we offer collection and delivery services that far exceed those of the average dealership and also maintain a fully equipped reception area so that you can stay entertained while you wait for the work to be carried out on your car.

If you are wondering why we offer the best German vehicle servicing in Ilford and the surrounding area, you need only read this list of things that we do that set us apart from the rest.

Expertly Trained Technicians

Our technicians aren’t simply mechanics who have a general knowledge of cars that they will then try to apply to your German vehicle. They are specially trained to ensure that all of the work they do is done in the best interests of the car and ensures that the warranty for the vehicle is maintained and protected.

We place great importance on the knowledge and skills of our technicians, which means that you will never get any half measures when you have your German car serviced at SN Autohaus. We claim to be German vehicle specialists because that is exactly what we are, and we go to great lengths to prove that fact every single time.

Additional Services

While German vehicle services are our bread and butter, we also offer a range of other services that may well catch your interest when you bring your car into us.

For one, we can also offer a full cleaning and valet service for your vehicle, ensuring that you not only get a car that runs as though its new, but also looks the part as well.

Furthermore, for those who want a little bit more oomph in their car’s performance, we also offer a vehicle remapping service that was created so that we could help you to squeeze out every last bit of power from your car. With our help you can get your vehicle running at the peak of its powers, so you get it exactly hoe the engineers wanted it to be, rather than how their marketing executives said it should be.

We Also Sell German Car Spares

Not only do we operate a superb workshop that is capable of handling everything from a general vehicle service through to a full MOT, but we also make sure to offer German vehicle spares for those who want to work on these cars themselves.

At the end of the day, out passion lies with ensuring that vehicles are running to the top-end of their capabilities, so we are more than happy to supply to those who have the demand. Simply put, if it’s one a German vehicle then we will more than likely have it in stock.