How To Maintain Your Car’s Value

If maintaining your car’s value is essential to you, then this post is perfect! We’ll give you all of the best tips and tricks we have on how best you can maintain the value of your car, meaning you can resell it for the best possible price.

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Explaining Value

Maintaining your car’s value is all about being able to sell it for a good price. This is either just under the price you paid, or as close to the original price as possible. This is a great option if you’re someone who regularly likes to change their car and grab yourself a new one!

Maintaining your car’s value can be done in several ways and should be done regularly to avoid any decrease in the value.

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Maintaining Value

Of course, maintaining the value of your car is your top priority if you’re reading this post. That’s why we’re going to give you everything we know on how best to maintain the value of your vehicle. Everything below is super easy, so you’ll be able to get them done in no time!


Though they’re normally overlooked, cleaning the lights and replacing the bulbs is so necessary if you want to truly maintain the value of your vehicle. Your headlights, tail lights and fog lights will all get checked on an MOT, but it’s so important to keep on top of it.


Keeping on top of your car’s documents is a task we often forget. We place them somewhere ‘safe’ and eventually forget just how safe we’ve actually kept them. Organising your documents is another great way to ensure the value of your vehicle is maintained.

It’s so important you take care of your log book, this is where all of the information on your MOT history is kept. It’s also important to keep your service history documents alongside your logbook!

Minor Repairs

Repairing every single minor dent and scratch that shows up might seem like an inconvenience, but this is a way you can help retain your vehicle’s value. With every scratch or dent that shows up, with every piece of general wear and tear, the value of your car will decrease unless you get it repaired.


Stay on top of your car’s MOT and servicing, they’ll check for any minor scratches at the same time they check for any major problems. Not only does this positively impact the value of your car, but it also makes sure you’re safe on the road.

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The tread on your tyres needs to have a certain depth to be both legal and road safe. This is something you can test yourself using a twenty-pence piece, but you can also get them checked and replaced by a professional.

Floor Mats

Using floor mats is a great way to keep the interior of your car clean. They’ll prevent wear and tear on the actual floor of your car and save you from having to replace more than just the mat you’ve placed down.


The more mileage you have on your car, the harder it’s going to be to sell it, especially at a price close to what you paid. Try and avoid driving on long trips to save your mileage, especially if you want to reduce the risk of general wear and tear too.

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If you’re looking to resell your car at some point for a good price, make sure you choose a subtle colour when buying the car yourself. Try sticking to colours like black, grey, dark blue, red or maybe even dark green.


The one thing you’ll really want to avoid if re-selling your car is near the top of your list is getting any big modifications. Adding notifications to your car, even to the engine, can decrease the value of your car whilst also being less desirable to potential buyers. 


It’s always important to make sure the car is clean, this includes the interior as well as the exterior. This small task that can be done weekly will help to maintain the value your car had at the time you bought it.


If you’re not sure of how to properly maintain your car yourself, it’s always best to head to a garage where they’ll be able to get a professional to properly look after your car and repair any damage for you.


It’s important to know how well each model of the car retains its value before you purchase your new car. Certain models and makes won’t retain their value as well as other cars will, so checking this before you make your purchase is key.

It’s also a great idea to make sure you keep your spare car keep safe, this ensures you’ll always be able to get into your car and you’ll be able to offer a prospective buyer two keys when they purchase your car!

Now you have all of these super handy tips, all you need to do is start implementing them into your daily life!

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