The Importance Of Cleaning Your Car Interior

It’s inevitable that the inside of our cars will get grubby, messy, muddy, and generally dirty, even after just one use. Cleaning them is a time-consuming task that we often don’t have time for, but here in this post, we’ll tell you exactly why you NEED to make time for it.

Keep reading below to find out why you need to clean your car’s interior and some super easy ways to make this task light. We’ll give you a quick hint… you could get us to do it! 

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Benefits Of Interior Cleaning

There are endless great benefits, but you must know that of course! Even if you don’t, or you’re still curious, we’re going to list them for you… why wouldn’t we?! Here, we have some fantastic benefits you’ll experience when you clean your car’s interior.

  • Health – Having a clean car interior will improve the overall condition of your health when you’re sitting in the car.
  • Quality – Cleaning it and regular maintenance can prevent wear and tear in your car.
  • Value – By regularly cleaning the interior of your car, you’re maintaining the value and worth of your car.
  • Safety – When you clean the inside of your car, you’re removing any debris, ensuring nothing flies around whilst you’re driving. You don’t want anything getting stuck under the pedals.
  • Self-esteem – Having a clean car makes you feel good, especially when you have friends and family in your car.
  • Visibility – By cleaning your car regularly, you’re also likely going to clean the windows, improving your visibility as you drive.

There’ll be many more benefits, especially some ones that’ll be personal to you. Cleaning your car regularly will ensure that whenever you come to clean it, you have less of a task on your hands.

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Must Hit Spaces

The dirtiest spots in your car might seem obvious, but we guarantee they’re not. The dirtiest places in your car are likely ones you overlook regularly. Of course, we’ve compiled a list of places you need to look to make your life easier!


You might’ve guessed this one, but the boot of your car is one of the dirtiest places in the entire vehicle. Think about how much you throw in there in the morning before work or school. You throw in your muddy boots, bags, and wrappers. 

Since this is the dirtiest place, any bacteria from this area will transfer to any of your belongings as you take them into your home. Make sure this is a space you definitely clean next time you’re in your car.

Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel is one of the dirtiest places in your car. Think about what you’re touching in the day, all of those places you go to, and the people you meet. You’re then touching your steering wheel and transferring all of those germs onto it.

Wiping down your steering wheel is an important task. You’re keeping yourself and others safe from all of the germs you’ve touched throughout the day.

Back Seat

The back seat of your car has various different purposes. It’s a seat for visitors, a temporary boot, somewhere to eat your food. This is one of the dirtiest places in your entire car, collecting an excess of dirt and germs.

Make sure this is a spot you clean regularly, getting rid of all of the germs you or your friends and family have collected throughout the days gone past. As a plus, next time your friends and family are in the car, they’ll be greeted with a clean and tidy space you’re proud of.


Your dashboard collects a vast amount of dust and dirt, most of which will get thrown about the vehicle as you turn on the air con or the heating. This is what makes the dashboard such an important spot in your car to clean.

There are of course many other places in your car that you absolutely NEED to clean. These, however, are some of the most important. Of course, we can’t just leave it there. We have a few tips and tricks you can use regularly to make cleaning your car super easy!

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Cleaning Hacks

So now you’re ready to clean your car, you just need to know where to start and the best way to do it. Well, you’re in luck, we have some helpful tips and tricks you can use on a regular basis to make your life easier.

Take It With You

Every time you leave your car, make sure you and your family or friends take the rubbish out of the car. This way, when you come to do a deep clean, you’ll have already done most of the leg work. You’ll have less to do!


Try adding carpets to your car to collect the muddy footprints left behind. This way, you’ll only have to clean the carpets and not your car floor. It’s a much easier task!


Every time you put your air-con or heating on, the ventilation system is going to blow out germs, dust, and other types of dirt. Make sure you clean this to ensure you’re not breathing all of those germs into your lungs!

Now you know everything we do, all you have to do is get yourself started. Soon enough, you’ll have a super clean car you can’t wait to get yourself into. Don’t forget, if you don’t have time or you’re unsure of where to start, we provide an interior car cleaning service where we’ll clean your car for you.

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