Three Tips For Choosing An MOT Garage

Here at SN Autohaus we try to provide the widest possible range of services to our clients, all at prices that will make you wonder why you ever went to the dealership to have your vehicle serviced in the first place. We also offer MOT services for those who are looking to get their cars tested and are able to provide some of the fastest and most reliable technicians in London.

If you’re looking for an MOT garage and don’t quite know where to start your search, try to keep all of the below in mind to help you make your choice.

Independent or Franchise?

A lot of people choose to head to franchise companies or dealerships to have their MOTs carried out. While this will guarantee that the equipment used is of a high quality and you should receive workmanship to match, the price will often be very high.

By contrast, you take a little bit more risk with an independent garage, though this can be mitigated somewhat by doing some preliminary research and taking the time to inspect the equipment that they have when you pay them a visit. The biggest benefit is that you will find that independents, by and large, charge less for the work than franchises.

The aim is to find a garage that offers the quality of a franchise at the cost of an independent, which is where SN Autohaus fits quite nicely.

Look At The Labour Rate

If you take your car for its MOT and it passes with flying colours, the labour rate is something that you aren’t really going to have to worry about. However, it can really sting you if you haven’t taken the time to check it and you end up needing to have repairs carried out.

Make sure that you know the labour rate of your chosen garage. Be wary of any that offer really low MOT rates, as it is often the case that they compensate for this by having rather high labour rates, should they need to carry out additional work on the car. Just make sure to read all of the fine print and ask the question directly if you are not certain.

Talk To Your Technicians

Take a little bit of time to establish a relationship with your technicians, so that you can feel more comfortable asking about the work that needs to be done on the car. Ask them about what the MOT actually involves and pay close attention to the answers that you receive.

Good technicians will make it a point to explain any industry terms that they use in an effort to give you full understanding of what they are doing. Those who are perhaps not quite so good may actually end up hiding behind the jargon and taking an attitude of explaining things as complicatedly as possible with the aim of baffling the customer and just getting them to sign the contract so they can start work. Don’t allow this to happen to you and always ask for explanations of anything that makes you uncertain.