Tips And Tricks For a Long Journey

Taking off on a long journey is always fun, there’s so much to see and do. However, before you head off, a few checks are needed to make sure you’re road ready and safe to head off on your journey.

Keep reading the post below to find out everything there is to know before you take off on your exciting road trip!

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Preparing Your Car

Making sure your car is safe before you head off is the most critical part of the journey, especially if you have others in the car travelling with you.


Before taking off on your trip, ensure your brakes are working. Your brakes are arguably the most vital piece of your car, so making sure they’re up to scratch is key. If they feel spongy or don’t stop the car as they should, make sure you get them checked and replaced where needed.


Another essential piece of equipment in your car is your lights, they need to be in good working order before a long trip. Having lights that work correctly is vital if you want to make sure you don’t injure yourself or others. Without headlights working at their best, you might end up hitting debris on the road, especially if you’re travelling at night.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of fuel on a long journey, especially if you’re miles away from a service station. Take an extra few minutes to make sure your fuel is as topped up as you need it to be.


Having tyres with the correct tread depth is so important if you want to stay safe on the road. Without it, you’re more likely to skid or have trouble braking. Use a twenty pence to test how deep the tread is and get your tyres replaced if necessary.


Visibility is crucial, especially when you’re taking yourself and your loved ones on a long trip. Clean your windscreen of any dirt and dust, whilst also making sure you’re clearing away any debris from your windscreen too.

Debris on your windscreen includes pollen, twigs and even leaves, they can all fly up and distract you whilst you’re driving.


This is a step massively overlooked by most. It’s so important you make sure your car’s interior is as clear as possible. Leaving empty wrappers and especially empty bottles around your car can lead to accidents. Bottles can get stuck under your pedals, leaving you unable to brake when needed.

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Preparing Yourself

Now you’ve properly prepared your car, preparing yourself is the next very important step when you’re heading off on a long journey. Driving for hours in a car can be a struggle, but with these handy tips, you’re bound to find it much easier!

Plan Ahead

Knowing your route before you set out on your journey is a huge help to not just you, but everyone else in the car too. Being sure of your route means you’ll know how much fuel needs to be put into the car and you’ll also be aware of any roadworks that might be taking place.

Planning ahead will give you plenty of time to take wrong turns and make more mistakes. You’ll also have a better idea of your departure time, leaving hours in advance if that suits you best.


If you have someone else in the car with you who’s also able to drive, try and share the wheel with them. This gives you a break, but it also gives the other driver a break, making you more aware when it comes to your turn.

Try driving for either an hour or a couple of hours at a go, switching between drivers when you reach a new service station. This is also a great time to stop for food, though best not to stop for too long, try keeping it at half an hour rather than a couple of hours.

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Service stations are going to be your best friend. Your car might need refuelling but you do too! Make sure you stop off every now and then to grab food and drink before heading back out onto the road.

Try planning your breaks in advance, this will give everyone a clear idea of when the driver is going to switch and when everyone is going to be able to stretch their legs.

Fresh Air

You might get this when you stop off, or just by rolling down the windows, but it’s integral you make sure you’re getting fresh air throughout the journey. This will keep you more awake, making sure you’re alert for your trip.

Even if you’re only heading out on a day trip, getting fresh air into your car is important if you want everyone to stay awake on your road trip. This is a great excuse to take the car as well! Though it might take an hour by train, you’ll lack fresh air.

All of these tips and tricks can be used the next time you head off on an exciting but long journey. Hopefully, they’ll make your trip smoother and even more exciting.

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