Tips For Getting Your Money’s Worth At Your Local Car Garage

The team at SN Autohaus have dedicated themselves to offering a stellar service to customers for an amazing price. We want to ensure that every customer that we work with gets value for money and walks away feeling as though they have received good work, so much so that they will recommend us to their friends.

Unfortunately, not all car workshops in London, or throughout the UK for that matter, follow that same set of standards. This means that less vigilant drivers may end up getting ripped off by unscrupulous garage owners unless they are very careful. These quick pointers should help you to pick a car workshop that actually offers what it promises.

Make Sure Work Is Guaranteed

Any good garage will offer you’re a guarantee on the parts and labour that comes as part of their work. This not only demonstrates confidence on the part of the garage, but also offers you protection should something happen to go wrong. Be wary of any garage that seems unwilling to guarantee its work, as there is likely going to be a very good reason for why it won’t.

Ask For Explanations

If you mechanic starts talking about parts that need to be replaced, don’t be afraid to start asking questions about the whys and what fors. Talk to the mechanic about the part in question, specifically why yours needs to be replaced and what benefits you will see from having the new part in place. Most should be more than happy to walk you through whatever issues are being caused by the broken part so you can feel more comfortable allowing the work to go ahead.

Check Out The Garage

You may feel a bit uncomfortable asking to see credentials when you first enter a garage, which is okay. Most competent mechanics will be more than happy to show you, but if you don’t want to ask there are plenty of resources online that will provide information about the qualifications that the garage and its owners have. As a basic tip, always make sure that you can see the MOT symbol in any garage that you’re asking to conduct an MOT for you. Special qualifications are needed for this and you don’t want to work with a garage that doesn’t have them.

Ask Others

If you’re still unsure, ask other people about their experiences with various mechanics. Ideally, you will know somebody who has used the garage you’re considering before, allowing you to get unbiased feedback about the level of service that they offer to people.

Keep Everything

Your responsibilities don’t end once you have handed the car over. Make sure that you obtain and keep copies of everything that you are asked to sign and that you have receipts available to you. This will give you the evidence that you need should you not receive the service that you were promised, or if you need to make use of the guarantee offered by the garage.