What Makes Our Car Workshop In London Unique

Here at SN Autohaus we maintain a high quality car workshop in London to ensure that our customers only receive the best possible service for their vehicles. We treat your car as if it was one of our own, meaning you can be guaranteed a top level of service every single time you visit us.

Don’t just take our word for it though. When you come to our workshop you’ll be able to see all of the following for yourself.

Quality German Car Parts

We specialise in providing services to German cars, which is why our car workshop in London is always stocked with the newest and best quality German car parts. We have parts for practically every make and model of German car, so you don’t need to worry about us using parts that aren’t compatible.

Thanks to our relationship with our stockists, we are also able to provide a service for car owners who want to purchase parts and spares for their own vehicles. Simply enquire with us when you bring your car in and we will be able to locate and provide whatever you need to do work on your own vehicle.

Dealership Trained Technicians

The average mechanic’s garage in London hires people who are certainly able to work on vehicles, but will often not be able to provide you with a service that meets dealership standards. This often means that you void the warranty on your vehicle the moment that they undertake any work for you.

This is why we ensure that all of our technicians are trained to a high enough level that they can provide a dealership level of service at a price that is much more affordable for our customers. Each of our technicians is an expert in their respective field, which means we provide the same level of service as a dealership. This, in turn, means that you car maintains its warranty after the work is done.

Plenty of Parking

We don’t just claim to be able to service a large number of vehicles, we prove it every single step of the way. This means maintaining a dedicated car park that is able to house around 200 vehicles, allowing you to keep your car safe when you come to visit.

This also demonstrates just how many people may be using our services at any one time. We like to think that quality attracts customers and we offer the highest level of service. Hopefully, when you see our busy and bustling garage you will understand why so many car owners trust us to do the work that their vehicle needs.

Quality Machinery

Not only do we maintain a large car workshop, but we also ensure that only the highest quality of machinery and garage tools are used in it. Thanks to our relationship with V-Tech, our machines are constantly maintained and built to rigorous European standards.

This means that not only do you get technicians that are able to provide the highest level of service, but that they have all of the tools they need to get the job done properly.