What You Should Expect From an MOT Testing Station

When you are looking to book an MOT, the first thing you should do is find a reputable garage that is able to carry out the work to the standard required by the UK government. Any garage that carries out MOTs needs to meet a certain set of qualifications before they are allowed to do so. Thus, keeping an eye out for those that meet these criteria will ensure that you get quality workmanship.

With that in mind, all of the following should be considered before choosing your garage.

The Logo

Any vehicle workshop that has completed the necessary qualifications in order to be an approved MOT supplier should be proud of that fact and will prominently display the logo that comes along with it.

You should look for a garage that displays the three interconnected triangles against a blue backdrop that symbolises that they can carry out MOTs. Keep in mind that it is an offence to display this logo if the garage is not qualified to carry out the work, though some will still do so. As such, you should also make other checks beforehand.

The Equipment

The garage equipment that is used in order to carry out an MOT must meet a certain set of standards, as mandated by the UK government. In addition to being of a high quality, it must be kept in exceptional condition in order to provide the service that a customer expects.

As such, make it a point to ask about the equipment that is used during the course of the MOT. If you’re wary of being too confrontational, simply ask as a point of curiosity. Most technicians will be happy to explain the processes and equipment to you, so use this opportunity to take a look at the equipment. If it looks new and well-maintained, it is likely that this is a garage that cares about providing a good service to the customer and, as importantly, is one that has passed the regular checks that are carried out on all MOT suppliers.

The Premises

Garages must also offer a certain level of quality when it comes to their premises in order to carry out an MOT. The thing you’re looking for here is space. Be wary of smaller garages unless they can demonstrate they have all of the equipment needed to carry out the MOT.

Look for ease of access around the premises and the presence of a high quality vehicle lift. The premises should also be well-maintained, so be wary of any workshop that has random equipment scattered all over the floor.

The People

In order to carry out an MOT, technicians must have obtained a certain level of qualification from the UK government. Do not be afraid to enquire about this and ask to see documentation if you feel the need.

The garage should, as a minimum, have both an MOT manager and at least one Nominated Tester in order to carry out MOTs. Ask about both during your visit.