The Trick Behind Our Tyre Fitting Service

Getting new tyres fitted on your car can often be a hassle. In some cases, your mechanic may even ask you to wait for a number of days before the job can be done, meaning you need to find another way to get to work and complete your daily errands.

Luckily, that will never happen if you visit SN Autohaus. We are offer top quality tyre fitting in Ilford that is streets ahead of the nearest competition. What makes us so special? Here are just a few of the reasons why we offer the best tyre fitting service around.

We Service All Brands

It doesn’t matter what type of car you have or what type of tyres it needs, we are able to not only supply the tyre but fit it for you. We maintain a quality stock of tyres for everything from standard vehicles through to 4x4s, meaning we always have what you need at our disposal and, if we don’t, we know where to get it so that you only have to wait the bare minimum amount of time before you can get your car back out and on the road.


We pride ourselves on the speed of our tyre fitting service, aiming to get your new tyres on your vehicle as quickly as possible. In many cases we can even offer a same day service. The reason for this superb level of efficiency is twofold. Firstly, we maintain a team of highly trained technicians who have many years of experience between them, meaning there is no situation that they can’t handle. Furthermore, we also use the latest tyre fitting machinery from V-Tech UK, so we can automate much of the process and do it at a speed that will knock your socks off.


We mentioned our technicians a little earlier and it bears repeating again. We make sure that we only hire the most highly qualified people to work on your vehicle. After all, we understand just how important your car is to you, so we go to great lengths to treat it as thought it is one of our own. All of our technicians have been trained to a dealership standard, meaning that they can offer a service that stands head and shoulders above every other tyre fitter in Ilford, while also ensuring that the guarantee on your car remains safe and intact after your visit to us.

Additional Services

We don’t just offer the most basic tyre fitting service available. Instead, we try to ensure that you have exactly what you need when you come to visit us. For example, we also offer an alloy wheel fitting service that will enable you to get those all-important alloys at prices that would make any dealership envious. If you are interested in any of our other services, all you need to do is discuss your requirements with one of our technicians when you come to visit and we will be more than happy to help you.