How To Make The Most Out Of Your Fuel

We all know the fuel price has risen, so making the most out of the fuel you put into your car is necessary. No matter the type of car you have, there are some great ways to save yourself some money!

In the post below, we’ll give you everything you need to know on fuel efficiency for your car, covering petrol, diesel, manual, automatics, and more. Delve into the post below and start to save yourself some money!

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Manual Cars

As fuel prices steadily rise, we’re all looking for ways to save money on the small things. Having a manual car actually already saves you money. Automatic cars take up around 10% more fuel than manual cars. You’re already saving yourself money!

Steady – smooth driving

Smooth and steady driving is a great way to save yourself some fuel. Acceleration takes up most of your fuel consumption, so try keeping your car at a consistent pace to save yourself some much-loved fuel.


Keeping your car on whilst you’re sat parked takes up plenty of fuel that you could be using to drive to your favourite places. If you’re sat still and parked for more than 10 seconds, turn off your car.

Though don’t turn off your car in traffic, most of the time traffic starts to move when you least expect it.

Reduce – wind resistance 

If your car has a roof rack you’re not using, take it off to improve wind resistance in your car. You can also try closing the car windows, helping your car to work at a steady pace and use up less fuel throughout your journey.


Since you’re in a manual car, gears are relevant for you when it comes to fuel consumption. When driving, try changing into a higher gear since this is more economical, just make sure you stay within the legal speed limit.

Alongside this, try decelerating gradually too, gentle deceleration saves your brakes from wear and tear whilst also helping with fuel consumption.

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Automatic Cars

Automatic cars generally take up more fuel no matter how many tricks you use, which is exactly why you need these tricks. Saving money in an automatic car can be super easy as long as you know how to do it. Luckily, that’s why we’re here!


Just like manual cars, it’s important to keep your pace steady and consistent. This will help to save you money as you drive, reducing your fuel consumption as you go about your journey and your day.


This trick is one you can also use on a manual car if you have one of those as well. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated! Having underinflated tyres causes a pull and drag to your car, making it work harder when it shouldn’t have to.


Try to keep your foot off the brake. Braking automatically causes a pull to the car, no matter how lightly you’ve tapped the brake. This then results in your car having to rebuild its original speed, using up much-needed fuel.

Trip Savy

Think about how many trips you’re making. Every time your engine cools down it’ll have to reheat, this uses a vast amount of fuel. Try and group your trips together, doing more things in one area compared to darting around town.

Wear and Tear

Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance is the key! Unnecessary wear and tear can cause your car to use up more fuel when it doesn’t really need to. Try and regularly check your car’s maintenance or book your car in to get its condition checked by a professional. 

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Fuel Type

Of course, the fuel type of your car matters when it comes to saving money on the fuel itself. Diesel contains more energy than petrol does, so having a diesel-based manual car is really going to save you loads!


If you have a diesel car, you’re already saving yourself some money without even trying. Of course, though, there are still some great ways to save yourself some money. Take a dive into the points we’ve listed below to see if you can start saving yourself some money. 

  • Declutter – Get rid of any junk in your boot, especially the heavier items. They’ll weigh your car down and use more fuel when you accelerate. 
  • Fuel – Consider the trip you’re taking and how much fuel you’ll need. Is it worth having a full tank?
  • Position – Be more aware of your road position, the more aware you are, the better you can plan out your journey and find the best ways to save yourself some money. 
  • Moving – Try to keep moving if you can, the more you stop, the more energy and petrol your car is going to use up.


Having a petrol-based car automatically uses up more fuel than a diesel car will, so finding a way to save money when you have a petrol car is a task in itself. Just like with automatic and manual cars, we’re going to give you some handy tricks you can use today!

  • Car sharing – Consider sharing a lift with someone to work, school or just for a day out.
  • AC – Try and avoid using your AC, this consumes an abundance of fuel from your car.
  • Research – Research the cheapest petrol stations in your area.
  • Maintenance – No matter your fuel type or engine type, keeping on top of maintenance is so important.
  • Loyalty cards – Loyalty cards are free to sign up to and often help you save a large amount of money on the petrol you’re buying. 

There are, of course, plenty more tips you can use if you have a petrol-based car. Many tips used for automatic or manual cars can also be used for either a diesel or petrol car. It’s all about finding what works best for you!

Those are all of our handy tips and tricks for saving fuel in your car, no matter your engine type and your fuel type. All of these tips can be used the next time you get into your car. Happy driving!

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